ExeliaTM is a superior floor covering ideal to repair existing commercial and industrial flooring. Fast and easy installation properties makes of ExeliaTM the most cost effective way to have a great looking floor durable at a fraction of the cost of a conventional floor covering. ExeliaTM is made out of virgin PVC free of harmful plasticizers and phthalates that have been proven to be harmful to human health. Exelia is the perfect fit for use in industrial and office spaces, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, laboratories and clean rooms.

Innovative design is the back bone of ExeliaTM with its multi seal system and straight seams, making it as appealing as it is functional. Exelia can be installed in an “in line” or “offset” position.

ExeliaTM is cost effective and the installation process is easy and fast. In addition, durability and versatility allow for reconfiguration or expansion and ensure that necessary changes or repairs are the least of a client’s worries. Exelia is the perfect alternative to Epoxy resin floor covering that are very expensive and often not durable.

Exelia truly is “Flooring Simplified.”…..

  • Low installation cost
  • Quick to install
  • Minimal down time when remodeling operating facilities
  • No grouting or installation materials are required
  • A perfect result every time as the interlocking system ensures proper alignment of tiles
  • Highly effective for sound dampening
  • Highly protective in harsh chemical environments
  • High friction ratio to prevent slippage
  • Resistance to high static and dynamic loads
  • Anti-fatigue qualities for prolonged periods of standing
  • No special maintenance requirements
  • Looks great - straight seem that hides the interlocking system
  • Color customized if needed