We all know that the flooring for hospitals and health facilities demands special requirements. If you are looking for flooring solutions for the healthcare industry, then Exelia is your one stop source. Exelia offers a perfect and easy to maintain, clean and hygienic surface to support these kinds of institutions and corporations. Healthcare establishments including hospitals, dental clinics, medical care centers, pharmaceuticals face unique challenges with respect to their flooring needs. For example, Hospitals, (need to put up with very frequent foot traffic from external sources) and Pharmaceuticals factories, (need to deal with critical production procedures extremely sensitive to contamination). All of these requirements can be easily fulfilled with Exelia, providing top notch industrial flooring solutions to the healthcare industry.

Let us have a closer look at the characteristics of an effective flooring system in healthcare. An important feature is non-absorbing surface. It means that the surface should not have pores. It should be 100% waterproof, repellant to oils and other substances and stain resistant to all types of chemicals. Healthcare establishments are frequently accessed by wheelchairs, stretchers, patients with crutches, etc. The floor must be safe and easily accessible. And the last but not the least, the floor should be easy to clean. It is well known that health care establishments need to clean their floors several times a day, so the floor must be easy to clean. It needs to be resistant to chlorines and other disinfections as they need to be frequently sterilized.

So, if you run a health care industry and concerned about the safety of the hospital staff and patients, you can take services from Exelia industrial flooring solutions, providing easy to install, superior performance and simple maintenance. We have developed special flooring systems that address the needs of the healthcare sector. Exelia is here to bring comfort and serenity into your healthcare facilities.