For renovating commercial facilities, choosing stylish PVC floors has always been a great idea as the installation is much easier and can be better maintained. The availability of these floors in different finishes, designs and textures is appealing a numbers of industries especially hospitals, factories, food processing plants and many others. But a reliable industrial floor is one which is tough enough and can provide the necessary comfort to the daily users. Exelia knows this well and their PVC Flooring meets many of these flooring requirements.

Exelia is a superior floor covering produced from virgin PVC absent of phthalates and harmful plasticizers that are known to be health hazards. Exelia is built to withstand rigorous use in harsh industrial environments making it ideal for use in clean rooms, schools, gymnasiums, sports centers, laboratories, garages, warehouses, office spaces, production and assembly facilities. Innovative design is the backbone of Exelia with a unique Multi seal system. Exelia is cost-effective and lasts longer as compared to other products in the PVC line. Its installation process is very simple and fast, durability and versatility allow for reconfiguration or expansion and ensure that any necessary changes or repairs are the least of a client’s concerns.

The benefits of using Exelia as your Industrial PVC flooring are exceptional. Its installation process is fast and easy. It is very resistant to static loads like equipment and shelving. Also our flooring supports dynamic loads like forklifts, trucks and pallet jacks. Exelia does not require gluing or grouting. And most importantly, its eco-friendly nature and low cost installation makes it favorite while using in industries. Not only this, Exelia easily conforms to machinery and in-ground fixtures such as hydraulic lifts and presses. Oil and chemical spills can be easily cleaned up without staining. Repairs can be performed in-house and require minimal downtime. Color patterns can identify different work and task zones. Moreover, they are considered for commercial buildings because they help in reducing noise pollution.