Retail Auto Imagine your logo or business name or even that particular shade of green as part of your flooring. Now you can make a statement. Auto showrooms without broken or stained tiles, motorcycle dealerships with patterns optimizing floor capacity. Exelia is ready for your changing business needs and you can rearrange your tiles as often as you need.
Institutional Institutions large and small can capitalize on the qualities of Excelia, from daycare and preschool to primary education and higher learning facilities. Starting with durability, traction, and ease of maintenance to design and color aesthetics, sound dampening and free of phthalates and harmful plasticizers, we know what goes into Exelia and we trust it around our future...
Indoor Sports Arenas & Gymnasiums A perfect volleyball court can be assembled permanently or can be taken apart and stored to make way for a basketball court which in turn can give way to a dance floor. Exelia will enable you to host many events in one arena.