Exelia™ is a superior PVC floor covering made for industrial applications with great respect to its environment and the safety of the occupants. It's the perfect solution for companies that need a cost effective flooring that is easy to install and requires little to no maintenance! Exelia™ truly is - Flooring Simplified.

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Exelia™ ST Is Made To Endure

Exelia™ ST's innovative design with its multi-seal system and straight seams, make it as appealing as it is functional. Tight seams replace absorbent grout lines and in critical situations the seams can be welded for a completely homogenous coverage. In addition it is highly effective for sound dampening.

Exelia™ ST is highly resistant to chemical spills and is resistant to high static and dynamic loads. It is the perfect choice for your industry.


Exelia™ ST is made for heavy-duty industrial and manufacturing applications such as warehouses with heavy forklift traffic, pallet jack paths, loading and unloading areas, manufacturing areas, and airplane hangars.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing

Indoor Sports Arenas & Gymnasiums

Patented Multi Seal System

The Exelia™ Multi Seal System (MSS™) with the proprietary and patented “Lock-In” technology will guarantee a tight and secure connection between the tiles.


Top View

Bottom View

Interlocking System

Exelia Advantages

Product Advantages

  • A perfect result every time as the interlocking system ensures proper alignment of tiles
  • Highly effective for sound dampening
  • Highly protective in harsh chemical environments
  • High friction ratio to prevent slippage
  • Resistance to high static and dynamic loads
  • Anti-fatigue qualities for prolonged periods of standing
  • No special maintenance requirements
  • Looks great - straight seem that hides the interlocking system Color customized if needed

Installation Advantages

  • Nonintrusive installation
  • Minimal substrate preparation. It can be installed over existing floor coverings in most of the cases
  • Noisy machinery and hand tools are not required during installation
  • No fumes or emissions, no adhesives necessary during installation
  • Immediately usable, nor curing time

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